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Linked to hybrid work models (read post here), is the opportunity to Work from Anywhere. Organizations can now be truly location-agnostic in their pursuit of skilled & right-fit talent. Not only does this multiply the available talent pool manifold, but also obviates constraining variables like visa quotas and immigration rules that have limited true cross-geographic talent mobility.

While the administrative elements will need to be worked out eventually, the COVID crisis has clearly unlocked the gig economy potential of the global workforce. To help enable this, HR processes like remote hiring, induction & on-boarding, cultural assimilation, e-Learning and virtual collaboration will need to be defined/ strengthened. Also, a necessary pre-requisite for this is the establishment of a coherent hybrid work model, enabling clarity on which roles can be delivered remotely in the first place, with relevant support mechanisms.

As with any change, the transition to distributed work teams will come with its learnings & challenges. However, we believe it presents a momentous opportunity for businesses to leverage skills available in any corner of the globe as well as for individuals to meet their true potential.

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