Why revert when you can reinvent?

Speaking with corporate citizens across industries & functions, a commonly shared sentiment is the longing for ‘things to go back to the way they were’. That this feeling manages to co-exist with the now universally accepted idea of ‘the new normal’, is perhaps symptomatic of the essential contradictions that punctuate the human condition.

That tangent aside, today we want to ask a simple question – why revert when you can reinvent?

Having observed several client organizations evolve over the course of the last decade, and seen their diverse reactions to the pandemic, we at Inqubex firmly believe that the disruption has presented us with a tremendous opportunity to leapfrog at least a decade of what would otherwise have been incremental evolution. While Covid-19 has been unprecedented, many of its outcomes were waiting for us in the medium-long term future.

We feel the time is right to critically evaluate & reinvent specific aspects of the organization previously seen to be set in stone, instead of simply striving to revert to the ‘old days’. Through this series we share how we perceive this opportunity.

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