e work across virtually all industries. Our clients are predominantly companies in industries that face a challenging people management agenda, are in the process of building a professional and scientific process based approach to people management or are in transition. We typically work for CEOs, Heads of HR and other members of the senior management team.

Our clients share an aspiration to lead in their fields and a desire to harness new ideas, unconstrained by conventional wisdom, for the benefit of their organizations. We tend to build and sustain long term partnerships with our clients and close to 80% of our revenues have historically been derived from repeat work from satisfied clients.

Some of the sectors where we have delivered our services include: Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Consumer, Financial Services, IT and Telecommunications, among others.

Our Services

  • Building Effective Organizations

    Is your organization structure aligned optimally to your business model?

    • Functional versus process
    • Geographic versus customer oriented
    • Matrix versus centralized reporting

    Do you have clearly defined role accountabilities and a grade structure that follows an appropriate escalation of responsibilities, ensures internal equity and provides the staff optimal career growth?

    Are you appropriately staffed in terms of skills, capabilities and numbers?

    If you are trying to leverage the most value from your business objectives, building an effective organization is critical to the implementation of your strategy. A key component of building an effective organization is to ensure that your organizational structure, work levels and role accountabilities are fully aligned to your strategy and that they deliver improvements in performance.

    At IN3X we work in close partnership with leadership teams and staff, to develop appropriate organization structure, define role accountabilities, establish work levels and manage their communication and implementation organization-wide.

  • Driving Organization Performance

    • Does your organization effectively measure and manage staff performance?
    • Are performance measures in your organization linked to corporate, strategic objectives?
    • Do the measures drive desirable staff behaviors and functional expertise?
    • Does your performance management system holistically drive rewards, career growth and development?

    A high performance organization is built by setting clear and stretch performance expectations, providing a challenging, yet supportive, work environment, retaining and rewarding high performance and managing poor performance. Characteristics of a good Performance Management System are that it goes beyond a fancy form and an annual form filling exercise. It needs to be credible and transparent, based on clear measurable expectations, predictable and should have a clear linkage to rewards, careers and learning.

    IN3X works with client leadership teams to define the organization performance philosophy and key performance expectations. We help cascade these into measures linked to jobs and desired behaviors for the staff. We develop the process for integrating the measurement of performance with effective skills in providing feedback and building people manager capabilities. Finally we support the implementation of the performance management system in a seamless and simple manner effectively using technology to support the ease of administration.

  • Managing Talent

    • Are you able to provide a structured and diverse career path to your staff?
    • Do you have processes to build capable leadership teams? Are you able to plan succession for your key roles?
    • Do you provide structured & consistent development programmes to build on-the-job and future capabilities?
    • How many of your high performers are fully engaged? What will it take to get them—and keep them—where you need them to be?

    Management of talent is the key challenge that most employers face in today’s age of burgeoning opportunities and diminishing loyalty. The competitive advantage firmly rests with organizations that are able to attract, retain and engage the people needed to deliver maximum financial performance—now and in the future.

    IN3X helps clients fulfil their talent management needs in an integrated and customised manner. We help by defining employer value propositions and building competency models as the bedrock of integrated talent management in line with business strategy and leadership expectations. Conduct competency based assessments to support selection, growth, development, high potential identification and retention and succession decisions. We design career management, Leadership capability development and succession planning systems based on employee aspirations of growth and the organizational talent needs.

  • Leveraging Rewards

    • Are your reward processes driving desired performance?
    • Is your compensation structure efficient from the perspective of optimizing fixed costs, driving employee advantage and reducing the administrative burden?
    • Is your compensation competitive in the industry and geography you operate in?

    Rewards provide the key leverage in attracting, motivating and retaining organizational talent. At IN3X we enable clients to implement effective reward interventions that reflect the business strategy, work culture and the impact of different employees to the organization. We work closely with key decision makers across the business to work out the priorities that impact rewards and employee performance.
    We can help clients develop an overall reward strategy, structure compensation, design and implement variable and executive pay plans and drive effective benchmarking and positioning to create real competitive value.

  • Enhancing Employee Engagement

    • Are your employees satisfied and motivated?
    • Do they recommend you as an employer of choice to their friends?
    • Do you have systems and processes that support diagnosing the staff sentiment and taking corrective action?

    It is a researched fact that an engaged workforce drives a vibrant environment and leads to financial success. Yet many organizations fail to tap into the employee sentiment in a proactive manner and build processes to enhance engagement. At IN3X, we help clients develop diagnostic tools to measure and track employee engagement and internal customer satisfaction with service functions. We work closely with leadership teams to identify possible corrective measures and drive satisfaction level improvement through structured action planning and organization development.

  • HR Functional Effectiveness

    • Is your HR function structured right? Is your HR strategy aligned to the business strategy?
    • Do your HR employees — generalists, specialists and operations managers — have the skills and competencies needed to survive and thrive in today’s environment?
    • Do you have well defined metrics and attributes to, measure and build a high-performing HR function?
    • Do you need to keep all HR capabilities in-house? Can something be outsourced? .

    IN3X helps clients identify and build the right HR strategy, structure and service delivery model. We help develop an HR strategy aligned to the business priorities and staff needs. We develop policies aligned to the best in class and evolved market practices; identify and build needed team skills within the HR organization; and support deployment of best practice HR technologies and methodologies for more cost-effective delivery of your functional services. Plus, we’ll help you develop metrics to monitor HR function performance and ensure the function continues to deliver both efficiently and effectively.

  • HR M&A support

    • How can we create an integrated organization post merger? How should we ensure the creation of a shared vision, culture and value?
    • What is the profile of people and competencies required in the new organization? Do we need to asses the skill gaps before finalizing on staffing decisions?
    • Do we ensure that in the transition process, peoples’ performance does not lag?
    • Do you need to keep all HR capabilities in-house? Can something be outsourced?
    • How should the two HR processes and systems be linked (e.g. Compensation, Performance Management, and Policies)?

    At IN3X we help clients in both the pre deal and post deal stages of a merger. We help by conducting a due diligence of the HR system, liabilities and challenges in the pre-deal stage. Post merger we help the clients by providing an integration roadmap for HR and implementing integrated organization structures, staffing, key talent retention strategies, HR polices and processes, compensation and culture. We also provide project management support to clients going through a merger by project managing the execution of the integration roadmap, managing service providers and monitoring expectations within defined timelines.