Hybrid Work Models

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The defining experience of the lockdown has been adapting to full-time Work from Home. Institutionalizing this erstwhile ‘good to have’ work option leads us to the first opportunity for reinvention – Hybrid Work Models.

While remote working has existed for a while now, it had remained confined to limited role profiles, with lingering questions on potential loss of productivity and impact of reduced facetime. 9 months since the lockdown began, it is safe to say that necessity has helped dispel many of those fears. It is now an accepted fact that if the role allows for remote working (given considerations like infrastructure requirements, data privacy, information security, etc.), then with some adjustments (to work processes, coordination mechanisms, etc.) it can be delivered remotely without meaningful downsides.

Concerns with regards to mental health, lack of social interactions, reduced work-life boundaries are of course, real. These will lend to hybrid models which have a mix between remote work and on-site work in the future. But make no mistake – remote working is here to stay!

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