Remodeling Performance Management

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With remote working being the norm this year, key questions have emerged on what needs to be done differently to manage the performance of remote workers. The last few years have seen many trial & error attempts at revisiting traditional performance management processes (the rating-less system, continuous feedback, no system, etc.). We believe that this era of remote working presents a significant opportunity for remodeling the performance management process to make it more “grown-up”, thereby changing the cultural context of the employer-employee interaction.

Hygiene changes like revisiting goals, making them more tangible, greater emphasis on behaviours aligned to the new normal (e.g., initiative, adaptability, tolerance for ambiguity etc.) are necessary. The opportunity however lies in making performance management more real-time, personalized & holistic. Shifting the focus from monitoring performance to an outcome based approach portends well for improved work culture & eliciting greater ownership. Starting with an assumption that employees will be productive & responsible in managing their own time & deliverables is an enforced reality right now, and this can become the basis for a better future.

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