Brave New World – Tying it all together

As the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic & we in India look forward to the lockdown opening up in phases, we tried to understand what lies ahead for businesses and organizations. With VUCA hitting home for many industries, we see the ability to adapt to the ‘new normal’ being a key determinant of success (and survival) for organizations. Read more here.

With diverse people implications emanating from the crisis, we were keen to understand the role that HR needs to play. Having focused on employee well-being and enabling remote working as an initial reaction to the situation, HR also needs to look ahead at specific aspects of the organization (structures, policies, processes, etc.) to be adapted for life after Covid-19. Read more here.

In the last piece of this series, we turned our attention to specific capabilities that HR teams would need to develop, in order to deliver on the steep ask of enabling business in the post-Covid reality. This is available here.

Anything else comes to mind? 🙂

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