Workforce Analytics – looking beyond the buzzword

Understanding the environment

Organizations today find themselves in an environment of unprecedented political, macroeconomic, social and technological change. Learning from the cases of businesses going from good to great, and then extinct, leadership teams today understand that nothing can be taken for granted – not market share, not customers, and not employees. As a result, organizations can no longer afford to hold back on tough decisions, and must operate towards maximizing performance and productivity. A natural by-product of these factors is the gradual (perhaps glacial) shift from instinctive, gut-feel decisions to data-driven, (relatively!) objective decision making.

Enter: Analytics

In this context, and with the rapid advances in technology and data systems, it is easy to see why analytics is seen as the next revolution in management science. With Sales, Operations and other functions having started out ahead, Workforce Analytics is still somewhat nascent in its adoption across organizations. Broadly defined as the use of tools and metrics to analyze employee centric data, it is seen to hold the potential of transforming the hitherto “soft” domain of HR, and organizational performance at large.

Getting from Theory to Results

However, in order to effectively apply workforce analytics and realize its potential, it is instructive to ask some questions before jumping to answers.

  • What building blocks need to be in place to effectively leverage workforce analytics?
  • What are the questions that data can help answer, and what can it not?
  • How do organizations plan investments in workforce analytics?

These are just some of the questions we seek to find real answers to, in The Inqubex Workforce Analytics Survey.

Why this Survey

At Inqubex Consulting, we recognize that while theoretically there are transformational benefits to be achieved using workforce analytics, in practice not many organizations are positioned to realize them. In keeping with our approach to any people/ business management problem, this survey aims to provide practical, actionable insights to help organizations look beyond the buzzword, and achieve real business impact.

Watch this space for more on the survey.

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