Building a Talent Pipeline in the Operations and Maintenance Function
A leading telecom (passive infrastructure) company was keen to incorporate its outsourced staff into the organizational career tracks through a structured approach. They were also keen to establish a talent pipeline across the core function of Operations and Maintenance, but being a young organization were not sure about the acceptability of the intervention.

We began by interviewing the function representatives to identify and understand the responsibilities and competencies required for one position. Following this, a role profile was developed illustrating the key job responsibilities, technical and behavioral competencies mapped on the BARS.
The second step of the assignment involved the administration of the Development Center which included designing a battery of tools for assessment of the behavioral competencies captured in the role profile. The development centers culminated in individual competency scores highlighting the skill gap and a report indicating high potential individuals was presented to the client. We further assisted the client with guidelines on development planning and skill up gradation.

This structured approach was successful and over the last 3 years we have conducted the similar process across all core positions in the function and identified a ready pool of successors across the hierarchy.