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Srayasi Ghosh

Srayasi works to create competency and psychometric assessments as a Content Specialist with Inqubex. She is an Industrial Psychologist and brings over 3 years of experience in the domains of Organization Analysis, Training and Development, Employee Wellness and Talent Management. She holds a Masters’ degree from University of Calcutta with a specialization in Organizational and Environmental Psychology.
Srayasi is attracted to the field of mental wellness & has trained as a Meditative Art Therapy practitioner under Dr Roxanne Daleo (Co-chair of the education resource committee in IEATA). She is also a trained NLP Practitioner, workforce counsellor and emotional intelligence specialist with keen interest in Transactional Analysis, Enneagram assessment and International Leadership and Organizational Behaviour.
She lives in Kolkata and life beyond work for her means listening to music, writing, reading, playing the Ukulele, exploring the city, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

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