A leading pharmaceuticals company harmonizes the compensation for its legacy teams post merger

A leading Pharmaceuticals Company, in the course of a global merger, was keen to harmonize the compensation systems of the legacy organizations in India. The IN3X team worked jointly with the HR leadership to understand the post merger organization structure, existing compensation levels, job descriptions of unique positions across the two organizations and market positioning adopted by the legacy companies. Next, all benchmark jobs within each organization were identified and equivalence was established for similar jobs across the two legacy teams using career level descriptors. barbados . Finally, existing compensation levels were compared and integrated compensation scenarios were proposed using common reference points based on:

  • Legacy job groups in each harmonized level
  • Market benchmarks from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Market benchmarks from all industry

For each scenario the cost of catch-up for harmonized compensation was determined and shared with the client leadership. Identifying and addressing outlier cases formed a key aspect of the analysis.

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