A leading cement manufacturing company was looking to establish role clarity across unique positions in their business. The organization also wanted to map technical competencies for these positions as a start to future development plans.

The Inqubex team worked with the leadership to gain an understanding of the business strategy, functional expectations and responsibilities. This was followed by identifying the benchmarked positions for each function and gaining an understanding of existing and expected competencies. These inputs along with interviews with position holders were used to develop job descriptions highlighting responsibility areas and measures of success for all unique positions. These job descriptions were then analyzed to identify gaps or overlaps in responsibilities in a function.

Further, technical competency frameworks were developed across 18 unique job families using expert panel sessions. The expert panel process involved analyzing performance expectations and processes, brainstorming and listing out all possible knowledge and skill requirements. Based on these inputs, the expected technical competencies were defined and validated with the client. Finally, position profiles were provided to the client containing applicable level of proficiency on each relevant competency.