The knowledge process subsidiary of a leading Financial Services MNC was keen to partner with Inqubex to initiate structured development planning for its extended leadership team. The client was also in agreement with our recommendation that the developmental actions should be defined work function wise to ensure maximum relevance and impact from on the job learning in line with the 70-20-10 principle. We started the assignment by understanding the existing behavioural competency framework and role profiles, as well as the potential rating framework. This was followed by interviewing individual function leads to identify and understand the behavioural capability challenges and requirements at a functional level as well as for specific key roles.

The second step of the assignment involved identifying individual specific behavioural competency gaps. On completion of the discussions, a comprehensive function-wise dictionary of developmental actions was designed. The function-wise dictionaries were then used as a repository and developmental actions for each individual plan were picked from the relevant functional dictionary. The individual development plans consisted of a mixed basket of action and learning tools in keeping with specific functional characteristics like mobile/ virtual teams as well as what the function’s medium term growth plans were.

The Inqubex approach helped link potential assessment efforts & the behavioural competency framework of the client to Structured Development Plans and thus brought about integration of their overall approach to managing talent. Our intensive engagement with Managers to define gaps helped make the Individual plans truly focused and development -centric.