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Work from Anywhere

Context Post Linked to hybrid work models (read post here), is the opportunity to Work from Anywhere. Organizations can now be truly location-agnostic in their pursuit of skilled & right-fit talent. Not only does this multiply the available talent pool manifold, but also obviates
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Hybrid Work Models

Context Post The defining experience of the lockdown has been adapting to full-time Work from Home. Institutionalizing this erstwhile ‘good to have’ work option leads us to the first opportunity for reinvention – Hybrid Work Models. While remote working has existed for a while now, it
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Why revert when you can reinvent?

Speaking with corporate citizens across industries & functions, a commonly shared sentiment is the longing for ‘things to go back to the way they were’. That this feeling manages to co-exist with the now universally accepted idea of ‘the new normal’, is perhaps symptomatic of the
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