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Organization Culture: The World’s Favourite Double Edged Sword

 “Our culture is our biggest asset” – This oft repeated, well intentioned statement has basked in the warm winter sunshine of management wisdom for the best part of two decades now. And not without reason – there are numerous examples of organizations making discontinuous leaps, creat
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Developing Human Resource Systems for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The Case for Human Resource Systems in SMEs The last decade has witnessed small and medium enterprises showing an exponential growth and impact on the country’s economy. They have become a significant source of employment and are thriving in an increasingly open business environment.
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A leading pharmaceuticals company harmonizes the compensation for its legacy teams post merger

A leading Pharmaceuticals Company, in the course of a global merger, was keen to harmonize the compensation systems of the legacy organizations in India. The IN3X team worked jointly with the HR leadership to understand the post merger organization structure, existing compensation lev
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