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inQsights is a modular, easy to deploy suite of applications, providing insight on core dimensions of an organization’s people management needs.

The following tabs describe the different inQsights toolsets, each of which is supported by Inqubex Consulting with pre and post application services, building on the respective inQsights tool functionality and outcomes.

  • inQsightsLq is a Leadership Quotient prediction tool-kit to determine leadership potential, fitment and development needs. For more information, please visit inQsightsLq.
  • inQsightsOp helps with insights on/ optimization of organization productivity and wage bill efficiency, which are important determinants of organization success. For more information, please visit inQsightsOp.
  • inQsightsTx provides a diagnostic platform with validated inventories that help measure Employee experience with the organization and its service functions. For more information, please visit inQsightsTx.
  • inQsightsEv provides a diagnostic analysis of the core aspects of an organization's employer value proposition, and its ability to attract, retain and foster talent. For more information, please visit inQsightsEv.